Friday, 12 July 2013

Facebook 3D - The Augmented Reality App

Facebook 3D Version 2.0 is the long due update to our most popular application on the Google Play Store. This passion project which was born out of our own curiosity has now been downloaded by nearly 15,000 Android users worldwide.

The update is infinitely easier to use and even more interactive. Follow the steps below to enjoy our work.

1) After installing the application on your mobile device, log in with your Facebook account. But before that, take a moment to admire our gorgeous new logo. We love it!

2) Now that you are all set up, click on this image below to enlarge it. Point your phone's camera to this target image and let the awesomeness wash all over you.

3) Facebook 3D lets you see view your most recent Notifications, Uploaded Photos and Status Updates. We have limited the number to five. Tilt and turn your phone while maintaining the target image in the camera's field of view. Go ahead, try it!

4)  Pretty impressive, right? Wait, that's not everything! Do not forget to play the balloon shootout game.. it truly brings out the potential of Augmented Reality.

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